Business in the larger cities was well advanced compared to that of the prairie towns. The development differences as you traveled across the country in the 19th century was more like time travel.
Pioneer Town This is business in the prairie cowtown of the 19th century
1869 MainStreet And mainstreet USA 1869 style
1857 SanFrancisco Downtown San Francisco 1857, even though 12 years earlier than the Main Street USA shown above notice the development in the big cities compared to the pioneer towns.
Shipping Business While expansion was moving by wagon train, horse & mule the coastal cities were bringing shiploads of merchandise and more settlers into our country. This is the San Francisco Harbor of 1870.
Hardware Store The hardware store provided the prairie town more than just hardware it was general merchandise, grocery, building materials and an active catalog business for all the items not found in the store..definately one stop shopping.
1869 NewsPaper This is how the newspaper of 1869 set up in a tent..Getting the news out was an important function of the west.
Medical Dispensary This is the pharmacy of pioneer times and if lucky enough to have a doctor in town he probably saw patients in the back room.
1889 BlackSmith The blacksmith...every cowtown needed one and in 1889 his only shop was outside.
Railroad Workers Men often had to leave home and travel to where they could find work..The transcontinental railroad provided many jobs during its construction.
1889 City Offices A lot of business was done in 1889 out of a city office.Here you see the U.S. Land Office, the clerical staff and the U.S Marshalls.